GM Imaging Virtual Tours & Photography

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We are a highly professional digital imaging company that specialise in virtual tours, photography and interactive and non-interactive floor plans.

We possess high end professional camera equipment and the latest up to date software available.

GM Imaging has no overheads which mean the savings are passed directly on to the client.

We will travel anywhere - anytime - for anyone. Being based near Sydney, interstate travel is not a hassle, and because of our extremely competitive production prices we have been found to be cheaper than our competitors even when interstate travel expenses have been included in the package!

We only produce HDR (High Dynamic Range) images.
These images are created by blending multiple images of varying exposures. The final result is an extremely even light throughout the image. This technique is not only used in our panoramic photography but also our standard stills photography.
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Every Virtual Tour we create is an original. That is, we will design a complimentary viewing template with a specific theme, company logos and email links directly to you.
Creating Virtual Tours is a very technical and involved process. Rather than trying to explain all the intricacies here, please go to our Virtual Tours page to view an example or give us a call or email and we can take all the guess work out of it.

Private real estate vendors welcome!
Selling your property privately can be a daunting experience. We will take the worry and hassle out of photographing your property. We will supply you with low and high resolution images for the internet and print.
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GM Imaging now produces Flash and HTML5 (ipad & iphone compatible) Virtual Tours.
Flash Virtual Tours were the industry standard across the world with 98% of browsers supporting Flash before the introduction of the iphone and ipad. In the 1st quarter of 2011 Apple sold 16.24 million iphones and 7.33 million ipads. To keep up with technology and the development of new software, GM Imaging also produces HTML5 virtual tours that are compatible with the iphone and ipad.

One of the main factors differentiating average Virtual Tours and exceptional Virtual Tours is the panoramic photography.
Panoramic photography is the initial process of an exceptional Virtual Tour. Unlike many Virtual Tours that are photographed with an 'egg' or refractive plastic lens, GM Imaging uses high end professional glass optics. Panoramic photography is all about what the camera sees. It's the same principle as the human eye. If you wear a pair of scratched cheap glasses you won't see as well as if you were wearing high quality clean glasses.
                                                                        What you see is what you get!                                      

Here's a screen shot comparison between GM Imaging and another company.  Both tours are of the same make motor yacht.

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Hotel Virtual Tours are becoming more popular than ever.
Hotel Virtual Tours are a very powerful marketing tool which allows potential customers the ability to totally immerse themselves in the hotel without actually being there. Today's customers are now more savvy than ever before when it comes to using the internet to find the best deals. Hotel Virtual Tours give the customer that extra peace of mind in appreciating what the hotel has to offer, leading to increased confidence and online bookings.

There are countless different types of Real Estate Virtual Tours on the market.
Real Estate Virtual Tours must be simple to view and simple to use. Not all people viewing Real Estate Virtual Tours have the experience and confidence in surfing the web as others. Therefore it is imperative the viewer does not get confused or discouraged from viewing the Virtual Tour leading to a back click. We pride ourselves on the simplicity of our Real Estate Virtual Tours. Combined with interactive floor plans and clickable thumb nails, the viewer is always aware of where they are and what direction they are facing in the Virtual Tour.

Marine Virtual Tours are on the rise.
With the exceptional quality that GM Imaging produces it was only a matter of time that we moved away from terra firma onto H2O. Yachts and Motor Yachts are not like your normal piece of real estate and therefore deserve to be treated that way. GM Imaging can produce extremely complex yet user friendly flash/html5 virtual tours that will not only impress but inform the viewer of what amazing hidden features a motor yacht can actually possess. Go to our virtual tours and photography pages for examples of our marine work.